Enlighten Festival - Family self portrait series!

For the past 5 years, Michael and I have been delightfully capturing our growing family at the Enlighten festival as a silhouette series in front of the projections made onto Canberra's important landmarks. 

The first one we captured at the National Library - this was back in 2013 when I was about 7 months pregnant with our first child Millie. 

The second was at Old Parliament House when Millie was already ten months old but still young enough to be held! This was captured in 2014.

The third was in 2015 when I was around six months pregnant with our second child Max and Millie was a young but active toddler.

The fourth was in 2016 when Max was out of my tummy and about nine months old and Millie was about to turn three - as you can see she was pretty excited to fully comprehend her "shadow" at that time! 

The fifth is the latest in the series - two healthy and happy children (no plans for a third at this stage - ha!)  It has been a wonderful personal project of ours and one that has captured our growing family so well! We are excited to be able to share it to the world! 

Hope everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy the festival - and the yummy night noodle markets!  Thanks also to Lib of Lib Creative for helping us pull this together!