Newborn twins photography in my Canberra studio

I've always found something magical about newborn twins, my father is an identical twin and having a connection with someone so closely matched to you is so special.  I photograph newborn twins in my Canberra photography studio.  Parents love coming here to relax on the couch, grab a coffee from the cafe next door (on me) while we work our magic. I always work with an assistant when photographing twins for safety and the practicality of being able to get all of those special, sleepy poses! 

We have gorgeous props, wraps, blankets, flokatis, baskets and outfits to suit all shapes, sizes and gender of babies and have some special tips and tricks to get them to look their cutest and to show that special connection between twins, just have a look at the images below of some recent newborn twin families we've photographed. 

There is an amazing resource called CARMBA in Canberra which helps families who have had twins or multiples. My families often tell me what a valuable resource this is for them. You can also volunteer to help a family out too!

I do love photographing twins..... if you are having a multiple birth, please get in touch, I'd love to hear from you and capture your new family additions! (no extra charge for twins)

Newborn twins wrapped together for photos at Mel Hill Photography, Canberra.
Newborn twin photography - girls in pink basket wrapped in pink wraps on fluffy pink carpet.
Newborn twins facing each other and mum cuddling the twins photographed at Mel Hill Photography Canberra.
Newborn twins with big sister cuddling them as a sibling photo taken at Mel Hill Photography Canberra
Newborn twin girls in lace outfits with one smiling as they cuddle taken at Mel Hill Photography Canberra
Newborn fraternal twin boys in bonnets with bears and bonnets taken at Canberra newborn photography studio - Mel Hill Photography.
Family picture with newborn twins.
Newborn boy/girl twins in basket together taken at Mel Hill Photography in Canberra.
Newborn twin girls cuddling on a white and cream lace blanket.
Canberra newborn twin photography - toes with parents hands wrapped around them.
Image of newborn twin girls in pink bonnets photographed at Mel Hill Photography Canberra.
Newborn twin photography poses - twins cuddling each other.