Trello Resources

Copies of our Boards

Weddings workflow -

Albums workflow -

Book of business -

To-do List -

To copy a board, click on a board above, open the board's menu, then click "More" and choose "Copy Board." Give your new board a name, tick “Keep Cards” and hit “Create”.

Browse and copy heaps of other trello boards for inspiration here:

Top Keyboard Shortcuts

n - new card

d - assign due date

q - filters cards assigned to yourself

spacebar - assigns a card to yourself

m - use to assign to a member of your team

c - archives the card (not delete)

? - brings up a list of all shortcuts

Further Education

When we first looked into Trello we found this education pretty helpful in getting across it all: (free) (free) ($29 USD) - No affiliation, but purchased it and found it to be worthwhile for the price.